Agricultural Growth Microbes


Agricultural Microbes

Plant Growth Microbes Nitrova™ , Natural Biological solutions for wastes, and sustainable water and sludge cleanup in lagoons and animal probiotics




SEPCOR Nitrova™


Microbial Soil Treatment


Only 7% of the chemical fertilizers applied to crops are utilized by the plants and the remaining 93% is fixed as insoluble inorganic salts.   The build-up of insoluble salts is one of the main factors that cause soil to become poor unable to support plant growth.   These salts are released in rain water run-off into the environment..


Chemical accumulation causes the natural soil microbes to decline thus further reducing soil viability. Soil microbes are necessary to convert organic and inorganic material into a bio-available form that the plant can use in order to grow and bear fruit. In addition, herbicides and pesticides can accumulate in the soil further damaging the natural soil microbial community.



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SEPCOR Nitrova


Nitrova™ breaksdown inorganic salts into bio-available byproducts consisting of fatty acids and humates.   Herbicides and pesticides in the soil and other pollutants are broken down into fatty acids, CO2 and water. Nitrova™  microbes will breakdown  organic material into soluble forms of nitrogen and phosphorous.  Continued use of Nitrova™ restores depleted and damaged soil while reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizer necessary in farming operations.


SEPCOR Nitrova™




  • Converts Nitrogen Gas into Soluble Forms of Nitrogen
  •  Improves Water Retention in Soil
  •  Inhibits Pathogenic Fungus in Soil
  •  Reduces Pollution Caused by Fertilizer Run-Off
  •  Enhances the Bio-availability of Nutrients in Soil
  •  Improves Crop Quality and Yield
  •  Composts Organic Material in Soil
  •  Produces Auxin Like Compounds that Greatly Enhance Root Structure






  • Eliminates Odors by Metabolizing Ammonia Wastes on Contact
  • Reduces Newborn Deaths and Improves Employee Working Conditions
  • Reduces Organic Build-up in Collection Channels Lowering Flush Water Usage
  • Reduces Sludge, BOD, COD and TSS in Ponds Resulting in Lower Pumping and Disposal Costs
  • Reduces Liability Due to Air Emissions and Accidental Releases of Waste Water
  • Biological Control of Sludge and Odors Associated With Livestock Waste Treatment


SEPCOR Probiotics


By feeding Animal Probiotics on a regular basis, you are providing a constant supply of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This effectively aids in the creation of a more consistently balanced digestive environment leading to lowered mortality and healthier animals promoting weight gain.


After antibiotic treatment, deworming, or psylium treatment, the balance of the gut can be changed dramatically, and feeding Animal Probiotics with our microencapsulated beneficial bacteria would be strongly recommended.


SEPCOR Probiotics can be used on Chickens, Pigs, Cattle, or Sheep with the same beneficial results of healthier animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.  These probiotics should be useful in attaining the organic certification.





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