Air Separation Adsorbents

SEPCOR SOLUTIONS Produce High grade Oxygen and Nitrogen

Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel, Alumina, Activated Carbon and Carbon Molecular Sieves for Production of High Purity Gases through Pressure Swing Adsorption


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Oxygen and Nitrogen generators on an industrial scale is done via pressure swing adsorption (PSA).  To generate oxygen, a 13X or Li-X molecular sieve is employed.   Nitrogen and CO2 are adsorbed while Oxygen is separated.   Oxygen can be produced by cryogenic separation or by pressure swing or vaccum swing separations.  Li-X molecular sieve allows for better selectivity between Oxygen and Nitrogen.




Carbon molecular sieves work much in the same way (PSA) but  instead generates nitrogen gas.  SEPCOR provides both types of adsorbent for the generation of oxygen or nitrogen.




Hydrogen is produced by PSA/VSA adsorption.  PSA/VSA  units contain both 5A molecular sieves and activated carbons.  Molecular sieves remove nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide from hydrogen.  Activated carbons remove  methane and other hydrocarbons.  Typical PSA/VSA bed designs incorporate 70% activated carbon and 30% molecular sieve to purify hydrogen.




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