Aquaculture Microbes


Aquaculture Microbes

Microbial Cultures for Healthier Fish, Clarification of Water and Reduction of Ammonia.  Probiotics promoting fast fish growth




Today's aquafarms strive to provide healthy, low contaminant, sustainable and recyclable methods to produce fish to feed the world.  Part of this endeavor is to produce healthy fish through the use of probiotics.  Fish health and growth benefits by Increasing oxygen content and reducing turbidity of water.  Microbes remove ammonia,nitrites and phosphates which in turn reduces the algae content of the water.   In addition, the use of microbes with their natural ability to produce naturally occurring antibiotics helps keep fish healthy and disease free.


The addition of microbes to to water systems allows the water to be recycled, or discharged without damage to the environment. The end products of microbial metabolism are short-chained fatty acids, CO2, and water. By eliminating these components,  the BOD, COD, odor, TDS, and TSS are greatly reduced or eliminated.


Probiotics are used to improve water quality and control bacterial infections. They can improve the digestibility of nutrients, increase tolerance to stress, and encourage reproduction.


Aquasep™ is an effective means of restoring and maintaining water bodies that have become turbid and supporting excessive algae growth, to balanced, healthy aquatic ecosystems.


Agsep™ Metabolizes the ammonia and phosphates present in the waste on contact thus and reduces odors, BOD, COD, TDS, and TSS.





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