Corrosion Inhibitors


Corrosion Inhibitors

Sepcor provides a variety of corrosion inhibitors for hydrocarbon gas and liquid systems. Filming, Neutralizing Amine and Phosphate Based Chemistries


Corrosion Inhibitors

Oil & Gas

SEPCOR provides a variety of corrosion inhibitors to suit your situation.  Our corrosion inhibitors are designed to work on a variety of metal surfaces.  These corrosion inhibitors retard corrosion pathways via corrosive acid gases, including H2S and CO2. SEPCOR products deliver results in liquid, gaseous or multiphase systems throughout a wide range of temperatures. Our corrosion inhibitors include filming amines and neutralizers. The chemistry is formulated to enhance the action of the active ingredients with the addition of surfactants, emulsifiers, and solvents.




  • Reduces  corrosion in flow lines, pipelines, production equipment and down-hole equipment
  • Extend service life and equipment integrity thus reducing costs for the producer.
  • Improve safety and helps protect the environment through the reduction of leaks.


SEPCOR also provides a line of Green Corrosion inhibitors that are not harmful to the environment and are biodegradable. Technical information is available on request.





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