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of Sludge

and Odors

Reduce sludge and odors in lagoons and ponds associated with livestock.   Keep dairy animals healthy with Sepcor Probiotics




SEPCOR Probiotics


By feeding animal probiotics on a regular basis creates a balanced digestive environment leading to lowered mortality and promoting weight gain.  After antibiotic treatment, deworming, or psylium treatment, the balance of the gut can be changed dramatically.   SEPCOR Probiotics can be used on Chickens, Pigs, Cattle, or Sheep with the same beneficial results of healthier animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. These probiotics should be useful in attaining the organic certification.


Biological Control of Sludge and Odors Associated With Livestock Waste Treatment


Hog, cattle, and poultry producers, as well as, dairy farmers are facing increased pressure from regulatory agencies and surrounding communities to eliminate offensive odors and to treat animal wastes. Air emissions from these operations can lower surrounding land values and kill vegetation leading to lawsuits. Overflows from settling and collection ponds can pollute surrounding land and surface water. High ammonia levels can harm adult livestock as well as newborns, and cause unhealthy working conditions for the employees at the facilities. Organic build-up causes blockage in the channels connecting indoor pens to the outdoor ponds.


  • Biologically Reduces Waste and Odors from Livestock Operations
  • Eliminates Odors by Metabolizing Ammonia Wastes on Contact
  • Reduces Newborn Deaths and Improves Employee Working Conditions
  • Reduces Organic Build-up in Collection Channels Lowering Flush Water Usage
  • Reduces Sludge, BOD, COD and TSS in Ponds Resulting in Lower Pumping and Disposal Costs
  • Reduces Liability Due to Air Emissions and Accidental Releases of Waste Water






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