Foam Sticks


Foam Sticks

Foam sticks are used to remove water from gas wells and air drilled wells to increase gas production


Foam Sticks

Oil & Gas

These products are used to remove water from gas wells and increase gas production. The foaming action reduces the back-pressure which in turn increases gas production.


The sticks can be used to remove fluid from gas-condensate wells and flowing oil wells. For gas condensate wells with more than 75% condensate, it is recommended to use oil soluble sticks in conjunction with your regular foam sticks.


Water soluble sticks contains 100% active foamer which creates stable foam in high temperature gas wells up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and above.  These foam sticks contain active surfactants, friction reducer and foam stabilizers in water-soluble tubes.


Acid sticks are available to help reduce injection pressure.  First surfactants remove the oil coating on scale and the acid sticks then react with the scale to remove it.


This is an economical way to remove water from gas wells without using swabbing, jetting, or installing artificial lift and siphon strings.











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