Sepcor Liquid H2S Scavengers

Sulfur scavengers for a variety of  operating temperatures in natural gas, water systems, storage tank overheads, oil transfer lines, asphalt and crude oil


Liquid H2S Scavengers

Oil & Gas

SEPCOR SE-100 H2S Scavenger


SEPCOR SE-100 H2S Scavenger is meant for bubble tower and direct injection chemical treating in natural gas pipelines.  It is field proven and does not form gums or deposition on tower internals, thereby reducing downtown and maintenance.  The reactants are soluble in water and low foaming.  It may be used to reduce H2S in oil storage tank overheads.


SEPCOR SE-200 H2S Scavenger


SEPCOR SE-200 H2S Scavenger is a proprietary formulation designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from oil production systems.  It is oil dispersible and soluble in water.   It is specially formulated for use in drilling applications and fluid hydrocarbon systems.  SE-200 H2S will react with H2S forming stable, water-soluble reaction by-products that may be easily removed from the system.


SEPCOR SE-300 H2S-OilSolve Scavenger


SEPCOR SE-300 H2S-OilSolve is solvent-based, oil soluble, liquid formulation designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans from oils and crude.  The chemical reacts with H2S even at elevated temperatures (260F) to effectively remove the unwanted toxic gas.   SE-300 H2S-OilSolve may be injected into pipe lines or mixed with crude oil and hot bitumen. This chemical is pertinent for situations where it is important to minimize water contamination of the treated stream.


SEPCOR SE-400 oil soluble H2S scavenger


SEPCOR SE-400 H2S scavenger is for fluids that require an oil soluble scavenger.  SEPCOR SE-400  H2S scavenger has been formulated to maximize the activity while maintaining fluidity and is recommended to be injected into the gas or fluid that needs to be treated.  Several industries employ SEPCOR SE-400 H2S Scavenger for their H2S removal needs such as oil and paper.


SEPCOR SE-500 low water H2S Scavenger


SEPCORSE-500 H2S Scavenger is a formulation designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from process gas and crude oils. It will react with H2S and  mercaptans to form stable, liquid reaction products that are removed at water separators or become an irreversible part of the process stream. SEPCOR SE-500 H2S Scavenger is designed for injection into pipeline streams where minimal added water is desired. The solvent used in DRI may also aid in additional water removal and is applicable as a liquid filled scrubber scavenger where  cold weather maybe an operating issue.


SEPCOR SE-HT High Temperature H2S Scavenger


SEPCOR SE-HT High Temperature H2S Scavenger is applicable for down-hole applications where temperatures are at elevated temperatures up to 400 degrees F.  This chemical is stable at such temperatures and will continue to react with H2S forming stable salts.  It is used in above ground storage tanks and transfer lines for gas phase systems and liquid hydrocarbon systems like asphalt tanks.