Loss Circulation Fiber


Loss Circulation


Magma Fiber® is an acid-soluble loss of circulation fiber.  Compatible with fresh/salt water, oil-based muds, completion/work over fluids and water wells


Loss Circulation Fiber

Oil & Gas

Magma Fiber® is an acid-soluble loss circulation material  that is a specially-formulated, extrusion-spun mineral fiber for increased circulation.  This works by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, all types of permeable formations, and even aquifers.  It is an inert, non-damaging LCM/Sweep material compatible with fresh water, salt water, oil-based muds and emulsions, and in completion/work over fluids, as an environmentally safe alternative with LC-50 of one million.


Magma Fiber®  is compatible with fresh water, salt water, oil-based muds and emulsions, and in completion/work over fluids.   The product is used for porosity and fractured leakage zone treatment in that it can plug the leakage zones quickly.  The Filter cake formed has high compressive strength which can reach to 10 MPa or over and the pressure bearing capability increased a lot. Acid solubility of filter cake is extremely high which is good for acidizing plugging removal.


In general lost circulation conditions, Magma Fiber® forms a dense packing distribution to effectively plug fractures while being non-toxic, non-fermenting, and resistant to migration. While drilling through the production zone, the wide range of particle sizes protects against the initial mud spurt of hydraulic mud fracturing. In work overs, adding a barrier of Magma Fiber to the production zone well bore greatly reduces the volume of expensive completion fluid lost into reservoirs.


Additionally, the material is thermally stable at temperatures up to 1,800 °F and with a specific gravity of 2.6. There are no buoyant forces caused by the product.





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