Oilfield Surfactants

Drilling Detergent to reduce surface tension and free oil from the formation or drilling solids



Oil & Gas

SEPCOR SE-DD Drilling Detergent is a complex surfactant system concentrate used in drilling mud. It is used in water based drilling fluids as a specialty drilling mud detergent or hard surface cleaner.




SEPCOR SE-DD Drilling Detergent reduces the surface tension, it water wets surfaces and removes oil from the formation or drill solids. The products assists in increasing the rate of penetration by reducing torque hole friction and the tendency for “balling” of the bit. It also assists in release of cuttings from the bit surface and retards breakup of cuttings in the annulus. SEPCOR SE-DD Drilling Detergent resists contamination from salt and calcium. The product is environmentally friendly and has very low toxicity.


SEPCOR SE-DD Drilling Detergent is an aqueous solution of detergents and wetting agents for use in fresh or salty water and in low-solids muds. Concentrations as low as 1:100 to 1:1000 (0.1% by volume) may increase drilling rates. It is easy to mix in water and is completely water-soluble.