Silica Gel


Silica Gel

Silica Gel Air Drying, White, Orange and Blue Indicating, H Grade for Hydrocarbon Condensation,  FNG and Alumina stabilized Silica gel.


Silica Gel

Adsorbent Purification and Separations

Silica gels are a form of silicon dioxide, SiO2, the same material that occurs in nature as sand. Silica gels are highly porous adsorbents containing an enormous internal surface area on which certain materials are selectively adsorbed. Silica gel is a kind of highly active amorphous adsorptive substance with stable chemical properties. Different micro-porous structures can be achieved by using different manufacturing processes.



Silica Gel
High Fine Pore Water Adsorption Capacity at Lower Humidities.  Dew Points Capable of Reacing -40 to -70 C
Contains medium to large pores. Has high capacity at high humidity. Type B adsorbs water vapor at high humidity and releases it at low humidity.
Macroporous Gel For Moisture Proof Packaging, Insulated Glass, Organic Acids, High Molecular Weight Proteins from Fermentation, Catalyst Carrier.
Silica Gel Al2O3
Alumina Stabilized Silca Gel is Resistant to Free Water and Shattering
Blue Indicating Silica Gel
Changes from Blue to Pink on Water Saturation
Orange Indicating Silica Gel
Changes from Orange to Green on Water Saturation
Silica Gel Tablets
Used for Drying Medicines and Food Products
FNG Silica Gel
Water Resistant Silica Gel.  Resistant to Shattering.  Used for Air Dehumidifying and as a Buffer Dessicant in Regular Dessicant Grade Silica Gels
H Grade Silica Gel
Wide Pore Hydrocarbon Condensation Type Silica Gel
WS Grade Silica Gel
Rugged Water Free Water Resistant Silica Gel Protection Layer for other Adsorbents and Catalysts. 


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