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Oil and Gas Specialty Chemicals including Antifoam, Mud Thinner, Foaming Agents, Scale Inhibitors, and Pipe Freeing Agents


Specialty Chemicals

Oil & Gas

SE D-Foam Antifoam


These products are silicone based defoamers for drilling and other oil and gas related systems with foaming problems.


SE X-Chrome Free Thinner


A quality mud thinner for use as a drilling mud thinner. This product has proven excellent performance as a chrome-free lignosulfonate dispersant and thinner replacement.


SE SURFTEK AD-31 Foaming Agent


This product is a multi-purpose, air-drilling foamer that performs in fresh or hard water and saturated brine water. It produces large volumes of enle foam even in the presence of oil and is effective to about 350°F. The product is safe to handle, has a high flash point, and does not require any hazardous shipping labels.




A water soluble, liquid scale inhibitor used for the prevention of alkaline earth metal scale deposits during the drilling operation.


SE Econo-D-Foam Antifoam


This is an economic, non-silicone defoamer for water based drilling fluids and cementing applications.


SE Spot Pipe Freeing Agent Concentrate


This is a premium spotting fluid. It is an effective means of releasing stuck pipe. The product oil-wets and lubricates the drill string, penetrates and dehydrates the wall cake and reduces differential pressure on the pipe. EN Spot is generally blended to field strength with crude or diesel before using.





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