Support Balls


Ceramic and Alumina Support Balls

Sepcor Provides Support Balls and Tower Packing for Refining and Petrochemicals


Tower Packing & Support Balls

Adsorbent Purification and Separations

SEPCOR provides a variety of shapes and sizes and materials of construction to bring to your company the specific tower packing for your needs. The shapes of the tower packing are in the form of rings, saddles, and spheres. We can provide materials that are ceramic, porous, plastic, or steel to meet the specifications of any application that you might have. Our support balls and tower packing are composed of alumina, ceramic, stainless steel and polymers.


Sepcor's bed support material is made from the best ceramics, alumina  or silica based spheres.  Comprising of high crush strength, low reactivity, and low spalling and cracking characteristics.   Sepcor provides a variety of different compositions and densities for your requirements.   Whether it is natural gas dessicant towers, refinery catalyst supports, or in reactive chemical,  styrene, ethylene,  or propylene service we have the right bed support for you.




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