SEPCOR, Inc. is a specialty chemical company supplying natural gas and refining adsorbents and catalysts; microbes, oilfield and water treating chemicals.  Our environmentally friendly technologies are utilized in the following industries: natural gas, oilfield, refining, petrochemical, agriculture, remediation, air and water purification.  SEPCOR was incorporated in 2003 and provides solutions in separations, environmental solutions, microbial enhanced oil recovery, agriculture, and specialty chemicals.


Purification Media


Our purification media includes molecular sieves, carbon, activated alumina, silica gel and other specialty materials.   For purification of air, natural gas, light hydrocarbons, and water.


Microbial Products


Oilfield and refining Microbes


  • Specially formulated to reduce scale, paraffin and asphaltene deposition in both oil and water systems for enhanced microbial oil recovery (MEOR), and better flow and finished product characteristics.


Environmental Microbes


  • Designed for soil, water or air remediation. Long chain molecules are cleaved into short chain molecules effectively destroying the original hazardous material. Sludge is digested leaving reducing overall biomass. Phosphates and ammonia digested leaving clear water free of algae.


Agricultural Microbes


  • SEPCOR microbes are effective in reducing sludge, odors, and promoting accelerated growth in livestock, fish, and plants.


Oilfield Chemicals


Providing sustainable solutions in drilling, production, water flood, and stimulation. SEPCOR continually strives to provide the best in cost effective products, high level products and performance to provide the best value to the  bottom line. With over 40 years of expertise and experience in technical service, research, design and engineering, we can target and provide the precise solutions for your applications.


SEPCOR has two contract chemical manufacturing facilities producing SEPCOR’s proprietary specialty chemicals, which are both located in Houston, Texas.


SEPCOR provides materials for polyurethane, PVC stabilizers, personal care, refrigeration, catalytic materials form refining, air brakes, dual pane insulated glass windows, paints and coatings.



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