Activated Carbon

Coconut and Coal Based Activated Carbon for Hydrocarbon Liquid, Water and Air.   VOC, Color Bodies, Sulfur and Mercury Removal


Activated Carbon

Adsorbent Purification and Separations

Activated carbons are carbonaceous adsorbents with a highly crystalline form and high internal pore structure. A wide variety of activated carbon products are available depending upon the starting raw material and activation technique. Activated carbons are used to recover organic solvents, purify CO2 from fermentation processes, purification of drinking water, amine and glycol treating. decolorizing of water, and various other chemical and petrochemical processes.  Activated carbon has an incredibly large surface area per unit volume at over 900 m2/g and a network of submicroscopic pores.


Micropore region - less than 100 Angstroms

Mesopore region - between 100 and 1,000 Angstroms

Macropore region - greater than 1,000 Angstroms

A broad range of pore sizes is available for both gases and liquids




Silica Gel
Carbon Types and Applications

Coconut Shell High Efficiency Removal of Color Bodies from Water and Hydrocarbons
Granular Coal Based
Removal of color bodies and impurities from a variety of liquids.  Used for solvent recovery.
Pelletized Coal Based
Carbon pellet for various purification applications.  Low dust.
High Surface Area Coal Based Pelletized
High surface area carbon pellet for greater performance.
KOH Impregnated
Treats and neutralizes acid gases
Pressure Swing Adsorption Grade
High density product to prevent fluidization in pressure swing units.
SOx and NOx removal grade
Proprietary promoted carbonaceous material for the removal of SOx and NOx
Sulfur Removal(Sulfacatâ„¢)

High capacity sulfur guard bed adsorbent.  Removes up to 15 wt% total S.
Mercury Removal Carbon
Removes mercury from liquids and gases
Carbon Molecular Sieve
High surface area adsorbent for producing nitrogen. 


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