Applications for Adsorbents and Chemicals

detailed description of the various applications that can be used for treating and purification


SEPCOR products are used in a variety of industries.  Our adsorbents, microbials and chemicals have many applications across many industries.

Our adsorbents are used in air separations, refrigeration, natural gas drying, cosmetics, environmental, refineries, agriculture, aquaculture and many more.

Sepcor microbials are used for cleaning water of algae, enhanced production of crops from the release of nitrogen in the soil, odor control from livestock, probiotics, microbial enhanced oil recovery through the digestion of asphaltenes and paraffins and environmental remediation.   Nature own microbes for sustainable and green  future.

Sepcor has a diverse product line in Oil and Gas for sulfur removal, fluid loss control, gas drying and purification, rheology control, stimulation and anti corrosion additives.  With our diversified product line, SEPCOR offers customized solutions to specialized problems.

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