Sepcor Molecular Sieves for Insulated Glass

Prevent fogging and window deflection and cracking with 3A molecular sieves


Dual Pane Insulated Glass


Molecular Sieve Powders 3A are incorporated into the Swiggle Strip in the spacer of insulated glass windows to adsorb water.  This in turn prevents the negative and positive pressures inside the double pane window.  The benefit of this is to reduce glass deflection, stress and breakage, reduced heat and sound insulation, and  loss of seal integrity.


3A molecular sieve desiccant for insulated glass industry is its high water adsorption capability at low levels of moisture.  This ensure highly durable glass. Not only this, they have the power to avoid any kind of additional air molecules that can convert into glass deflection.  By using 3A desiccant for insulated glass is helpful in protecting the glass from long-term defects.


Molecular Sieve 3A  Beads are spherical beads that are incorporated into the spacer bar of an insulated glass window to adsorb water and prevent off gassing and window deflection.  3A molecular sieve beads were specifically developed to give maximum performance in Insulating Glass Units. 3A molecular sieve's unique combination of high water adsorption and low nitrogen and Argon adsorption makes 3A molecular sieve a preferred desiccant for insulating Glass applications.


This “Low Deflection” characteristic means your windows have better appearance, less distortion in reflected images and lower glass and sealant stress. This dramatically lowers the potential for sealant failure or glass breakage at low temperatures and low barometric pressure.





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