Microbes and Biological Solutions

Microbes for environmental remediation, enhanced oil recovery, animal probiotics and plant growth


Microbial Solutions

SEPCOR Biological Solutions – Providing sustainable, efficient and novel solutions for a bright clean energy efficient future.


SEPCOR provides green technology and cost savings across many industries. Together with our customers and partners, we provide environmentally friendly solutions while preserving planetary resources. Our microbial products provide enhanced oil production, corrosion control, bioremediation of hazardous wastes,  emulsion control of oil and gas wells, oil storage tank cleaning, high agricultural yields , elimination of wastes in food processing, livestock and aqua farming, improved waste treatment systems, odor and turbidity control in ponds and lagoons, ammonia control in aqua farming and aquariums,   low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production.


Sepcor strives to provide environmentally friendly sustainable technologies for a bright future for all generations.


Look to SEPCOR Biological Solutions to a brighter tomorrow.




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