Sepcor Adsorbents and Chemicals for Refining

Adsorbents for HF Alkylation, Dehydration, Instrument Air, Claus, FCC offgas purification, and Hydrogen.




SEPCOR chemicals, adsorbents and catalysts are used throughout the refinery. SEPCOR adsorbents and catalysts are designed for use on the reformer, alkylation, FCC, Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) and Isomerization units. Our materials can be used at the reformer for feed pretreatment or the removal of HCL from the net gas. At the alkylation unit, special adsorbents can remove water and HF acids. SEPCOR adsorbents are used to purify the overheads FCC gas in order to upgrade from refinery grade to chemical grade. Adsorbents are used at the LAB to separate normal parrafins from kerosene and at the Total Isomerization Unit to separate C5/C6 normal paraffins from isoparaffins.


SEPCOR provides specialty chemicals designed for H2S removal in the flare stack and for removing H2S from gas and phase hydrocarbons and from water based systems. There are special chemicals and bacteriological media for oil and water separations, and tank cleanings. These agents are very useful in DAF units and aeration ponds.




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