Oil and Gas Chemicals

Oil drilling, stimulation, water flood, production chemicals.  H2S scavengers and Corrosion Control


In the oilfield, various chemicals are required in many phases of producing oil. Completion Fluids are required to facilitate final operations prior to production.  Drilling Fluids (Drilling Mud) are any fluids or mixtures of fluids and solids used in operations for drilling. They are present as solid suspensions, mixtures and emulsions of liquids, gases and solids. Drilling Fluids are used for rheology control, lubrication and cooling the drill bit during operations. Some maintain hydrostatic equilibrium so that fluids and gases do not enter the well bore causing it to kick or blow out. Unbalanced wells require building a filter cake on the wall preventing fluid loss by mud invasion of penetrated formations. Stimulation Fluids involve treating a well to restore or enhance the productivity. These treatments are designed to restore the permeability of the reservoir following damage to the wellbore area. Chemicals are used to clear paraffins and asphaltene deposition to increase oil production.


H2S Scavenging chemicals remove dangerous H2S and allow products to make specifications for sale.  Whatever the application, SEPCOR has the right chemistry for you.

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