Activated Alumina

Oxygenate Purification, Air Drying, Claus Catalyst, HF Alkylation, Chloride Scavengers, COS and Sulfur removal, Selective Adsorbents



Activated Alumina

Adsorbent Purification and SepArations

Activated Aluminas are synthetically produced amorphous oxides from aluminum trihydrate. The end product is a beaded material or powder with highly adsorptive capabilities. Activated Aluminas make an excellent dessicant with capabilities of reducing dewpoint of air to -40C while special grades can reduce the dewpoint to less than -100C. .  It is used as a Claus Catalyst condense sulfur out of natural gas and in refining sulfur plants.

With special selective adsorbents, we can now remove a variety of contaminants from styrene, polyethylene, ethylene, light hydrocarbons and air.  These dessicants are very nonreactive with low heats of adsorption. Surface areas and surface areas can be controlled during manufacturing to allow for custom purification applications.





Silica Gel
Activated Alumina Type
High Surface Area Dessicant Air Drying, Natural Gas, Dehydration, Liquified Natural Gas
Proprietary Promoted Product for removal of Sulfur and CO2
Propylene and Ethylene, LNG, Propane and Ethane. 
Proprietary Promoted Product to remove Polar Compounds like H2S, CO2, Oxygenates, COS, and CO2
Acetylene, TAME , MTBE, BTEX, Gasoline Treating
HF Acid Removal Grade
HF Alkyation Feedstocks.
Air Prepurification
CO2 removal for air prepurification prior to liquifaction
Hydrogen Peroxide Grade for Hydroquinone
Removal of impurities during hydrogen peroxide Purification.
Styrene Purification Grade for Removal of TBC
Removal of water and TBC for production of white styrene
Water Treating Grade
Removal of Fluorine from Water
Claus Catalyst
Sulfur Condensing Catalyst for Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) in gas plants and refineries. 


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