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SE OPC Organophilic Clay


A very high quality organophilic clay additive for oil mud and invert drilling fluid systems. SEPCOR SE OPC offers several advantages including treating rates, attaining yield points quickly in high purity mineral oil systems and temperature enility; and excellent solids carrying capacity.  Helps to viscosify oil based drilling fluids, improves hole cleaning during drilling and workovers.  Provides suspension of weighting agents in packer fluids and casing packs.


SEPCOR SE OPC Clay is recommended to be used in normal oil-mud and invert drilling programs at 2 to 12 pounds per barrel (typical 4 to 8 pounds) and functions well even at lower temperatures to impart gel strength to the slurry at a moderate rate of shear. The proper concentration of organophillic clay required to give a particular system the properties should be determined by pilot testing.


To control barite settling in active mud systems add SEPCOR SE OPC at one-fourth pound per barrel increments. Check the mud pits for settling 10 to 15 minutes after addition of the product and stop adding SEPCOR SE OPC as soon as the settling stops.


SE OPC II Organophilic Mud Clay


SE OPC II is for difficult to treat mineral oil and an excellent alternatives to Sepcor SE OPC.  It is an excellent viscosifier and gelling agent in diesel and mineral oil systems. It functions very well in straight mineral oil systems that normally exhibit solubility problems.. The product is designed especially for synthetic mineral oil systems.




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