Dessicant Molecular Sieve for Paint and Coatings

Sepcor Molecular Sieves for Paints and Coatings

Prevent bubbling, and surface defects in modern paints and coatings


Paints and Coatings


Water, even in traces, readily reacts with the the substrate and causes bubbling and blistering.  Molecular sieves are the most powerful moisture scavengers there are: they adsorb water at very low concentrations.  The use of molecular sieves prevents bubbling, foaming, surface defects, and weathering in paints and coatings, flooring, spray coating, adhesives and sealants, industrial paints and coatings.  SEPCOR 3A and 4A molecular sieve powders can help in the prevention of such defects.


Applications where molecular sieves can be utilized include


Aluminum based marine paints

Polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethane paint

Zinc Rich paints

VOC Control in Paint







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