Warming Powders

for Cosmetic Skin Creams and Warming Masks


Personal Care


SEPCOR provides a line of personal care adsorbents and chemicals and cosmetic needs. We provide warming powders for anydrous creams, lotions, haircare of personal care products. These powders produce a warming sensation which can help open pores to improve the functionality of the cosmetic skin product. The customer also perceives a positive sensory experience.


Activated zeolites are used as a component of non-aqueous personal care products where, upon use, a warming effect is desired.  The rehydration of the zeolite during use of the personal care product causes a temperature rise.  This rise in temperature is advantageous in many personal care products where a warming sensation makes the product more desirable or where warming indicates immediate product performance (immediate customer gratification).  Face and hand creams, analgesic balms, and toothpaste are among many products that benefit from this feature.


Sepcor, Inc. offers two products that are highly suited for this application: Sodium Aluminosilicate and Potassium Aluminosilicate Zeolites.  These products are free flowable powders in which the free and bound water have been removed (to less than 2.5%). Potassium Aluminosilicate zeolite, is the most commonly used material for this application.  Sodium Aluminosilicate zeolite, is used in applications where a potential foaming effect from adsorbed nitrogen is desirable.


Cooling products are available for providing a skin cooling sensation. In turn, the consumer feels an effective sensory experience which translates to a product being effective. The cooling effect allows cosmetic products to penetrate the skin better known as 'the quenching effect'.





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