Solid Bed Sulfur Adsorbents

Adsorbents for removing a variety of sulfur compounds at both ambient and elevated temperature conditions in liquids or gases


Sulfur Adsorbents/Catalysts

Oil & Gas

Sulfacat ® Carbon


Sulfacat® is a catalytically active material with a carbon substrate. This adsorbent has proven performance for removing H2S, CS2, light mercaptans, t-Butyl mercaptans, sulfides, disulfides, and H2Se (hydrogen selenide). This adsorbent was specially developed for removing sulfur compounds from streams that do not contain oxygen. As a result of a unique and careful control of production process, Sulfacat® offers superior properties for the removal of sulfur from a variety of gases and liquids.


Molecular Sieve Adsorption


By use of regenerable temperature swing adsorption.  Sulfur compounds of H2S and Mercaptans can be removed from natural gas and light hydrocarbons through the use of 5A and 13X molecular sieves.  This is an effective method of purification of your light hydrocarbon stream to attain a finished product that can be then sold commercially.


Promoted Alumina Adsorption


Selective Adsorption of H2S, COS, CS2, CO2 from light hydrocarbon gas or liquids.   These specially impregnated aluminas are very effective in purification of liquid condensate, LNG, LPG, ethylene and propylene streams.   The sulfur removal is achieved through chemisorption or physical adsorption and can reduce sulfur levels to less than 20 ppbv.


Alumina Claus Catalyst


High surface area of Alumina Claus Catalyst ensures maximum catalytic activity and results in excellent conversion efficiency in first, second or third stage reactors. The high percentage of macropores makes for an excellent product for sub-dewpoint tail gas units as well as in standard Claus reactors.  The macro, meso and micropore distribution is maximized for optimal sulfur condensation.


Titania Claus Catalyst


A specialty Titania sulfur recovery catalyst for Claus units for refinery or natural gas plants. This is particularly suited for use in the first converter for the high conversion of COS and CS2.  It is an optimized catalyst for the conversion of H2S/SO2, COS and CS2.  The product has exceptional mesoporosity, macroporosity, high surface area, thermal stability and excellent physical strength





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